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Madness in the land of the Pure – Pakistan

It is the end of the year and I was going to write something positive but no, but no, something messed up had to happen and ruin my day. In a land far far away, known as the land of the pure aka Pakistan former prime minister Benazir Bhutto. For once can’t we have ‘normal’ leaders and ‘normal’ systems in the Muslim world. I sincerely hope and pray that law and order is restored to Pakistan. Its a country which has been alternating between dictatorship and “democracy” even decade or so, sort of like musical chairs. What is going on in Pakistan can only be described as madness. I mean you see people on TV torching buses, cars and trains in their own country! Who is what to be hurt by this? Pakistanis themselves and as Muslims we are supposed to abstain from senseless violence.


Hi I am a Muslim and I Would Like To Apologize For ….

A Bengali in Toronto posted this gem of a piece at his blog not too long ago. Be sure to click on the links to see what he means.

Hi, I am a Muslim.

And today, I would like to apologize for:

[x] Killing a female relative for committing a sin

[x] Punishing a rape victim

[x] Rioting over perceived insults to the Prophet

[x] Blowing up buildings to make a political point

[x] Calling for ban on offensive books, ideas and symbols

[x] Believing that my holy book gives me the right to beat my wife

[x] Clerics treating women and children as ‘uncovered meat’

Thank you.

Hadith of the Week (i)

The kind and noble prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said “Do not consider the smallest good deed as insignificant. Even meeting your brother with a cheerful face (is a good deed).”

(Source: Riyadh us-Saleheen Volume 1:12)

Umm LOL Cats, thou shalt be known as …..

Apparently the nick “Umm LOL Cats” is either too peculiar or too confusing so to reduce the confusion I am going to use my other adopted name – Amina. Umm LOL Cats thou shalt be called Amina Ae Sook.

Muslim Stuffed Toys

[Image source: Muslim Teddy Bears]

Ok, ok, stuffed toys don’t have any religion. I discovered this really cool site via Ali’s basement. Its called Muslim Teddy Bears. According to the website here is why the site was conceived. was born from a desire by the Muslim community to show their solidarity with Gillian Gibbons, a British school teacher who was unjustly imprisoned on November 28, 2007, when a student in her class named a teddy bear, Muhammad. The Sudanese authorities, citing local laws against religious defamation arrested Ms. Gibbons, and charged her under Section 125 of the Sudanese Criminal Act, for “insulting religion, inciting hatred, and showing contempt for religious beliefs.” It is opinion of millions of Muslims worldwide that Ms. Gibbons did not insult the religious sensibilities of Muslims by what transpired in her classroom. Moreover, the response of the Sudanese officials is not just “insulting” to the Islamic faith, it shows the greatest “contempt” for the sacred memory of the Prophet Muhammad, upon whom may be peace.

So basically the site was born as a mean to show solidarity with the British teacher Gillian Gibbons. The non-issue was blown out of proportions for no reason. I was heartbroken to hear that some Muslims were asking for the teacher to be killed. This is not the Islam that attracted me in the first place and some of the Sudanese Ulemas reacted in a not so moderate manner, “What has happened was not haphazard or carried out of ignorance, but rather a calculated action and another ring in the circles of plotting against Islam.” Muslims are supposed to respect the scholars so I will just say, “With scholars like these who needs enemies.” This is not Islam but rather manipulation of religion for political gains. Anyway I think the website is a great idea and I encourage people of all faiths and inclinations to support the site.

To my overzealous brothers and sisters, please don’t take this to mean that Islam is the fastest growing religion amongst stuffed toys. lol

Fatwa of the Week: Mermaids are Halal


To all Muslim brothers and sisters just in case you have feeling guilty over Mermaid Biryani or Mermaid Sushi, well no need to feel guilty anymore, the Sheiks have solved your problem now. Here is a legit fatwa regarding mermaids quoted in full for your reading pleasure. By the way this is not a satire but its a real fatwa. It makes you wonder if mermaids are the most important things that Muslims should be worried about.

Is there any such thing as a mermaid?

Praise be to Allaah.

A mermaid is a creature that lives in water and looks like a human. As to whether it really exists or it is a mythical being, that is subject to further discussion.

It says in a footnote in al-Mawsoo’ah al-Fiqhiyyah (5/129): From the modern academic resources that are available to us, it may be understood that the mermaid, which is called Sirène in French, is a mythical creature that is described in fairy tales as having an upper body like a woman and a lower half like a fish.

See the French Larousse encyclopédique on the word Sirène.

The encyclopaedia goes on to say: The widespread notion in ancient times was that the wonders and animals of the sea were more and greater than the wonders of dry land, and that there was no kind of animal in the sea that did not have a counterpart on land. This was confirmed by Prof. Muhammad Fareed Wajdi in his encyclopaedia, quoting from modern academic sources. See: Daa’irah Ma’aarif al-Qarn al-‘Ishreen: Bahr – Hayawiyan. End quote.

Al-Dumayri said in Hayaat al-Haywaan al-Kubra: Mermaid: it resembles a human but it has a tail. Al-Qazweeni said: Someone brought one of them in our time. End quote.

Many of the fuqaha’ mentioned mermaids and differed on the ruling concerning them. Some of them said that they are permissible (to eat) because of the general meaning of the evidence which says that whatever is in the sea is permissible. This is the view of the Shaafa’is and Hanbalis, and is the view of most of the Maalikis and of Ibn Hazm and others. And some of them regarded it as haraam because it is not a kind of fish. This is the view of the Hanafis and of al-Layth ibn Sa’d.

Ibn Hazm (may Allaah have mercy on him) said in al-Muhalla (6/50): As for that which lives in the water and cannot live anywhere else, it is all halaal no matter what state it is in, whether it is caught alive and then dies, or it dies in the water and then floats or does not float, whether it was killed by a sea creature or a land animal. It is all halaal to eat, whether it is the pig of the sea (i.e., a dolphin), a mermaid, or a dog of the sea (i.e., shark) and so on. It is halaal to eat, whether it was killed by an idol-worshipper, a Muslim, a kitaabi (Jew or Christian) or it was not killed by anyone. The proof of that is the verses in which Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning): “And the two seas (kinds of water) are not alike: this is palatable, sweet and pleasant to drink, and that is salt and bitter. And from them both you eat fresh tender meat (fish)” [Faatir 35:12] and “Lawful to you is (the pursuit of) water game and its use for food — for the benefit of yourselves and those who travel” [al-Maa’idah 5:64]. Allaah spoke in general terms and did not exclude anything, “and your Lord is never forgetful” [Maryam 19:64]. End quote.

Al-Durayr – a Maaliki scholar – said in al-Sharh al-Sagheer (2/182): Sea animals in general are permissible, whether it is dead meat or a ‘dog’ (shark) or a ‘pig’ (dolphin), and they do not need to be slaughtered properly. End quote.

Al-Saawi said in his commentary on that: The words “or a ‘dog’ or a ‘pig’ also include a ‘human’, referring thereby to mermaids. End quote.

Al-Nawawi – who was a Shaafa’i scholar – said in al-Majmoo’ (9/33): As for that which does not appear in the well known form of a fish, the correct view according to our companions is that everything (from the sea) is permissible, because the correct view is that the name fish may be applied to all of it, and Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning): “Lawful to you is (the pursuit of) water game and its use for food” [al-Maa’idah 5:64]. Ibn ‘Abbaas and others said: Its game is that which is hunted and its food is that which the sea throws out. And the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said in the saheeh hadeeth: “Its water is a means of purification and its dead meat is halaal.” End quote.

Al-Mardaawi – who was a Hanafi scholar – said in al-Insaaf (10/364): All sea animals are permissible, except frogs, snakes and crocodiles. End quote.

Al-Kaasaani – who was a Hanafi scholar – said in Badaa’i’ al-Sanaa’i’ (5/35): As for that which lives in the sea, there is no animal in the sea that is haraam to eat except in the case of fish, it is permissible to eat it except that which floats. This is the view of our companions (may Allaah be pleased with them). End quote.

Ibn ‘Aabideen – who was a Hanafi scholar – said in Radd al-Muhtaar (6/307): Anything other than fish and the like, such as mermaids and dolphins, is impure and remains prohibited.

Shaykh Ibn ‘Uthaymeen (may Allaah have mercy on him) said, after stating that it is more likely that it is permissible to eat crocodiles and sea snakes: The correct view is that nothing is excluded from that, and that all the sea creatures which can only live in water are halaal, alive or dead, because of the general meaning of the verse – i.e., “Lawful to you is (the pursuit of) water game and its use for food” [al-Maa’idah 5:64]. End quote from al-Sharh al-Mumti’ (6/327). Fajr edition.

And Allaah knows best.


There is only one little problem. Mermaids are people and Cannibalism is strictly haram (forbidden) in both Islam and Islaam. Don’t worry Ariel, I won’t let them eat you. I will save you from these people insha’Allah. I sincerely hope that either the person who asked the question was kidding and/or the person who answered the question was also less than serious.

Merry Christmas


To our Christan brothers and sisters Merry Christmas!

(By the way, that not me in the picture. The image is that of a Korean Movie)