Umm LOLCats is in da house


Eid is the time of happiness and joy and thus the perfect time to start a blog like Umm Lolcats. The word umm is from Arabic which means mother and LOLCats is an internet phenomenon where people add humorous captions to images of animals, mainly cats. So what’s the idea behind Umm Lolcats? In the Western media Muslims are often portrayed as people who have no sense of humor. This is incorrect, I know lots and lots of Muslims who have an amazing sense of humor and besides aren’t Muslims people just like the rest of us? Questioning the humor of Muslims is like questions their humanity. That said, it is also correct that there are some Muslims who just put on a grim face and think that anything that can bring laughter or smile to a person is haram. To all such people I just want to say, “Take a chill pill yo!”

Who am I? Just check out the about section and you ‘ll know!


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