Tis the season of Sacrifice?

Now that all three Eids (Wednesday, Thursday and Friday) have ended we can now reflect on why do we Muslims (not be confused with Muzlums) have multiple Eids in US. Many people think that it is bad thing that we have so many Eids but I beg to differ. You see people, Christians have Christmas on only one day (Ok, ok, I know the Eastern Orthodox Church celebrates it on a different day.), Hindus celebrate Holi and Deepavali on the same day, the same applies for Yom Kippur for the Jewish people, even Atheists celebrate unbelief day on the same day (just kidding). Muslims just need an excuse to be happy so they celebrate more than one Eid. They just want to show everyone the festivities of Eid and spread the love. Well you see it is not possible to do so in one day. Hence the three eids. But I say why stop at three Eids? Muslims come in all sorts of ethnicities, languages, shapes and sizes so everyone should have their own Eid. In the end we may end up with a dozen Eids or so. But this is not a bad thing, all nationalities will have their own Eids and not just nationalities but districts and not just districts but even cities and not just cities but even neighborhoods. Oh wait? In large cities like NYC we already have that. OR on the other hand we can follow the Muslim version of the pope(s), the very excellent and authentic scholars from Najd and let them declare Eid every year. As the great Sheikhs once said, “All Muslims should be united, so shut up and follow me.”


1 Response to “Tis the season of Sacrifice?”

  1. 1 Aafke January 29, 2008 at 1:38 pm

    I had not red this one yet. I love the ”All muslims should be united, so shut up and follow me.”!!!! 🙂

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