Around the blogsphere in 80 days: Don’t Be Sad

You know what this means people. Basically I will be recommending, irregularly most likely, different blogs from the blogsphere. The first one is the “Don’t be Sad Blog.” It seems to be an excellent compendium of quotations where anyone can get their daily fix of great quotes. Here is the description of the blog from their about section.

Initially the idea of the title came from the book Don’t sad by ‘Aadiah ibn Abdullah al-Qarni, which was discovered in a small bookshop amongst those in Makkah, Arabia (actually I’m on my second copy- the first was given to a friend-both were brought in Makkah on successive trips there). Readers, of all faiths and backgrounds are referred to this text if they enjoy reading this blog as many of the quotes are taken from here.

Collecting quotations has been a long time fascination- the blog allows each to be catalogued and made easily accessible.

So, please be curious and explore.

Update: one of the major projects at Don’t be sad is now collecting and posting submissions for the Random acts of kindness series.


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