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Guess who’s back with a brand new rap?

Five months and a South African adventure later Umm Lol Cats is back and she is here to stay. For starters I would like to dedicate the first post to Ruqaya of Bahrain who made all Muslim women proud by winning a Gold Medal in Beijing.

Of course here is the mandatory Korean picture. 🙂

P.S: That’s not me, its Han Ga In, a Korean Celebrity.


Umm lol Cats superheroine Manga


The very talented and artful Aafke has created a manga version of Umm lol cats the superheroine. All of you supervillians out there end your trouble making regimes because Umm lol cats will be watching. Well I am flattered. :’)  I have inducted Aafke in the Hall of Fame. What else does this entail? I will have to introduce Aafke in one of the adventures of Umm lol cats comics. Stay tuned. Disclaimer: Since my artistic skills are not as great as Aafke’s so my rendering may not be even half as good as Aafke. 😉

The Adventures of Umm lol cats: Episode I: The Phantom Mullah

Umm lol cats may not be a super hero (or super heroine) but she can have less than a dull life and so I present to you “The Adventures of Umm lol cats.” A few words of caution. The object of the current episode is not to mock everyone in KSA but rather only certain people. You may say that we should not mock anyone. Well yes and no. After you see people breaking apart successful Muslim communities here in America because some Saudi educated guy comes along and thinks that indigenous American Muslims ought to live like the Saudis well enough is enough. Also I am not trying to mock the Middle Eastern Accent but such people usually do have that accent. For people who do not know the terminology, hijab is usually referred to as the hear covering worn by Muslim women, Najd is a region in Saudi Arabia and Mullah roughly means a religious leader. The sad thing is that I have seen people who do think that the real scholar of Islam are in Najd and that most other institutions in the Islamic world are whack. Some background of today’s episode: In KSA, there are some indications that the ban of women driving may be lifted soon. Anyway I hope that people like “The Adventures of Umm lol cats” and if enough people like it I may even make it a regular section of the site.

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