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Dedicated to Aafke: Superhorse


This post is dedicated to my blogging buddy Super Aafke, err I mean Aafke, who knows a gazillion art forms and who loves horses. For those people who followed the adventures of Supergirl back in the days (I am not that old, I just know these things, ok?), she had a couple of pets in the Silver Age. One of these was of course cats. Well you can’t go wrong with cats can you? 🙂 Another was a horse – comet the superhorse. The funny thing about comet was that whenever a comet would pass Earth he world turn into a centaur. This is still within the limits but the most bizarre thing was when in certain comics superhorse would turn into a man! But whatever the case may be don’t forget people there was a horse called comet, a superhorse. Even the man of steel of jealous of superhorse. The story does not end here, after the Crisis on Infinite Earths, a new more plausible character with the same name was introduced. This time superhorse was a shapeshifter who could changes forms from male human to female human to a horse.